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Armed Bodyguard Driver Close Protection Agents Security Agents

Armed Bodyguard Driver Close Protection Agents Security Agents * Canada, Canadian Business Overseas * Conferences * Meetings * Sightseeing * Family Travel Security * Emergencies * Bodyguards (Canada Toronto Muskoka India Middle East West Bank Panama Latin America Central America Rio De Janeiro Puerto Rico Ecuador Peru Columbia Bogota Africa Mali Nigeria Egypt Caribbean Pacific International) * Travel Security * Humanitarian Groups

Global Security Solutions
Contact: Mr. Sunil Ram - Director of Operations - www. executivesecurity. ca - Tel: 705. 788. 1957

Our staff at Executive Security Services International consists of former government, law enforcement, and individuals from elite counter-terrorism units who currently work globally providing high-risk security/protective services. Our clients include: government, multinational corporations, T. V., film and celebrity personalities.

((Our services have been requested for: ))

* Armed Executive Protection Travel Security (Overseas) * Advance Teams * Threat Assessment * Security Drivers * Secure Drivers * Surveillance * Counter-Surveillance Teams * Covert Operations * Toronto International Film Festival * Summit Security * Olympic Security * Board of Directors Meetings * Executive Retreats * Annual General Meetings * Corporate Conferences * High Risk Terminations * Workplace Violence/Stalking * Pageant Security * Product Launches * Award Ceremonies * Galas * VIP Visits * Celebrity Security * Executive Security * Close Protection * Executive Protection * Dignitary Protection * Witness Protection * Court Hearings

((Support Services))

Project Management and Administration * Fire Assessment and Response Management * Paramedical Support and Training * Military and Security Forces Capabilities External Threats to Government Stability * Internal Threats to Government Stability, Major Factions and Crime Groups * Organized Crime Groups and Effect On Foreign Businesses Known Terrorist Organizations, Profiles On, and Threat Potential * Domestic Crime Situations * Medical Facilities * Skilled Trades Personnel * Risk and Logistics Feasibility Consultancy and Solutions * Management * Security Training and Policy Development * Security Program Development and Implementation * Recruitment Training and Supervision of Regional Security * Personnel * Survey of Existing Security Programs * Installation Security Audits * Airfields and Landing Strips Contingency Planning * Crisis management planning * Country risk assessments * Media-Relations

Mr. Sunil Ram
Director of Operations
http: //www. executivesecurity. ca/
Tel: 705. 788. 1957